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2007-09-28 - 10:20 a.m.

Traveled to the enchanted village of Wmsbrg to see Damien Jurado play a free set at Sound Fix.

First, a word about the Sound Fix Lounge: what a lovely, cozy place to hear music. The overall feel, like many places in the 'burg, is that of a Polish social club from the '40s, or perhaps more relatably, like Hoboken. A high tin ceiling and crystal chandeliers contrast pleasingly with the warm lighting and chummy vibe.

Jurado's set was good. He has a beefy, knock-kneed, sweet-oaf demeanor, and a clear, reedy tenor like Neil Young or Freedy...he's like a less angstful Elliott Smith.

I have to admit that I got antsy by mid-set. Acoustic folk music, even the best of it, feels really nice in the moment, but it often sets my mind to a-wanderin'. Still: free music, early start time, nice crowd, friendly barkeep. A pleasant way to spend a Thursday evening.

A little research tells me that milkmen still exist, but apparently not in Brooklyn. I was thinking how this service would be so welcome. Milk!

All my yammerin' about my new book backlog, and all I really want to do is start a new Lawrence Block novel. I don't suppose they're all going to be as eloquent, simple, and effective as the one I just read, but maybe they will...

I have not read Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine yet, and have absolutely no opinion about it, but I have to admire her total commitment to the subject matter, as demonstrated by her information-crammed website. There's even a video by Alfonso Cuaron.

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