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2007-09-30 - 6:42 p.m.

Into the Wild is a beautiful, powerful, and moving film.

I haven't got much more commentary, because it is the type of rare film that, ten minutes in, has me under its spell in a way that precludes criticism of any kind.

It made me want to flee the city in a Partridge Family-style bus.

The soundtrack was surprisingly good (Eddie Vedder in a low-key, post-emo mode).

On the train ride home (after the Impeach Duh party, featuring Paranoid Larry), I kept singing to myself:

...I know a place
where I can go,
when I'm alone.

Into the Wild, baby
Into the Wild I can go

And a bunch of other stuff. But I want to leave this little tribute to Spicoli's film on its own page, just to give you an idea of how it quieted my mind for the next 24 hours and counting.

Between that and apres-teaching glow, I am a puddle of good will and contentment.

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