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2007-10-18 - 10:39 a.m.

Gaggles of youngsters in skinny jeans and diagonally striped shirts are congregating on our city's streetcorners, scrunching their faces confusedly over subway maps.

For it is that time of year!

And while this means the clubs are uncomfortably packed and the sidewalk traffic is maddeningly slow in certain neighborhoods, it also means nice little happenings like yesterday afternoon's Thurston Moore show at the Mac store.

I love the sound of his guitar--all bright and trebly and metallic, celebratory--even if I'm not usually crazy about the content of his playing. But it was a highpoint of my day yesterday, so thanks, Thurston.

I finished The Abstinence Teacher, which was very good.

Tom Perrotta is much like Nick Hornby in his deceptively breezy writing style that manages to be funny and topical without being shallow. Whatever philosophical conflict his characters are playing out (in this case, evangelical Christianity versus, well, a more balanced approach to morality) doesn't get in the way of their humanity.

The film, as Eric M. pointed out in the comments section last week, is already in production, but IMDB doesn't give any casting details.

My favorite line in a PR-related email this week: "...The chart-topping nuns of Regina Laudis Abbey are back!..."

It alarms me slightly just how much enjoyment I get out of using this facial cleanser. I have no illusions that it does anything but, you know, clean, but the experience of the foam and the watermelon-esque fragrance and the wee micro-beads is nothing less than joyful. I am just a very loyal fan of foam.

I just saw my first Deborah Kerr movie (The Innocents) this weekend, and apparently, in a reenactment of the Robertson Davies phenomenon, this resulted in her death.


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