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2007-10-30 - 9:03 a.m.

OK, Daylight Savings hasn't ended.

The World Series has.

I'm not tryin' to play up the "oh I know nothing about sports" angle, but I am surprised that more hoopla wasn't made about this. There are a lot of Bostonians in NYC, and baseball fans in general, and yet this seems to have been the most low-key Series to date.

Good news for Tommy Roe fans and appreciators of awkward, temporary psychedelia: Roe's '67 lysergic opus Phantasy is being reissued on 11/6.

And I'm psyched that Emusic has the new Yep Roc reissue of Black Snake Diamond Role, an album I've only ever had on cassette (long since gone to tape heaven).

But the album I'm most eager to hear, since reading about it on Wikipedia, is the Osmond Brothers' 1973 prog-Mormon concept album The Plan. Not eager enough, perhaps, to spend money on its pursuit, but enough to make mention in case anyone has a copy...

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