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2007-11-27 - 11:08 a.m.

Perhaps you know this, but it was news to me: this Jack Penate fellow, currently making a big impression on young Brits, is the grandson of Mervyn Peake. You'd think his music might be goth-y, but no, it's your basic post-Belle & Sebastian blue-eyed soul. Goes down easy.

I've spared you commentary about my latest German-bands-of-the-'70s phase, because as fun as some of this stuff is to listen to, most of it I could not honestly recommend for purchase. And this is not (and will most likely never be) an MP3 blog, where I can say: listen to this one amusing track.

But today I am particularly fond of this album by Liliental, another of Dieter Moebius's many supergroup side projects, featuring Conny Plank on keyboards, and a bunch of German jazz guys (katzen? katzenjammers?) playing classic krautrock, replete with theramin, slide guitar, and other sounds evocative of space exploration.

A little more dynamic than Cluster, Liliental's music ranges from gentle, ambient prettiness to more drumkit-centric songs that are, I daresay, almost funky.

The upside of all this rainy foggy weather is waking up to the romantic sounds of foghorns in the bay. I'll never get over that epic, thrilling rumble like a nautical call to prayer.

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