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2007-12-30 - 8:25 p.m.

A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given a chance.

--Fortune cookie wisdom, taped into my notebook from Dec '06 - Jan '07.

That fortune cookie set the tone for my year.

When I look back on 2007, I will remember intense joy, great music, painful and then painless learning spurts, Facebook and Flickr interfaces, and lots of fruitful trips to the Salvation Army.

My best friend got married (and the toast was the most nervous-making public thing I'd ever undergone), I loved and lost and then--twist ending!--I loved again. I wrote a couple songs I really like, played some incredibly fun shows, started teaching yoga again, and discovered kettle corn and Cover Girl TruShine lipstick in a big way (I now own eight different shades).

And just today I came up with this joke:

Q. How do they keep the Vatican smelling so nice?

A. Pope-pourri!

I will also remember these great movies:

I'm Not There

The scene at the "New England Folk Festival" (you know which scene I mean) is the single greatest cinematic moment of 2007.

Into the Wild

On paper, this movie sounded so very lousy and trite. On screen, it was overwhelming, and managed to bypass my stern internal movie critic who really resists the whole "Christ-like teenager" thing.


A faithful adaptation of one of my all-time favorite novels.

Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

I hate folk music. I love Pete Seeger. This movie explains how this is possible.


Captures the unfettered joy of playing music with the right people.


I loved this smart little film and its reassuring moral center.

The Darjeeling Limited

I'll take a very flawed Wes Anderson film over almost anyone else's film, thanks!


A true life police procedural that plays like the best fiction, with character development and nuanced performances.


I can say nothing in my defense, I just loved this movie.

Year of the Dog

Another really flawed movie that won me over by being uncomfortably sincere even as it skewered most of its characters. Molly Shannon's performance is surprisingly sympathetic and dignified.


Managed to be heart-warming (seriously, I wept on and off for the last 15-20 minutes) without going to the expected places. And any film with a line that disses Sonic Youth is ok by me.

Michael Clayton

George Clooney irks, but everything else about this cracklin' little legal thriller is top-notch.

And a special mention to:


I had to see this for work, and it made me grateful because I knew that every other movie I'd see this year, perhaps every year going forward, would be Richard Burton doing Shakespeare directed by Jesus in comparison. Thank you, Norbit.

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