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2008-01-02 - 11:38 a.m.

Well, happy new year, dang it!


sad tree

Hope yours were great. My holidays were enjoyable, and I managed to get through them without over-doing anything, and now have one more day to recover before work starts up...

I have been watching Day 6 of the Kiefer show on DVD. Yeesh! As badly written and acted (and cast--that sensitive folk-singer-looking fella paying the hardened radical terrorist? Dude, c'mon) as ever, and yet as compelling a TV drama as there ever was.

The sixth season seems to be about revealing nuances of one-dimensional characters (Tom Lennox, Mike Doyle) and about defending the idea of civil liberties, even as the characters in power create and support their little fear-based alternate universe.

Top Ten primates in science, according to one blogger.

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