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2008-01-09 - 9:09 a.m.

Weirdly, even though this article [note: I just realized you have to subscribe to read the whole thing. Dang.] is meant to articulate the dismay and frustration many women feel about Hillary Clinton, it ended up making me appreciate more what unique scrutiny the candidate is up against.

It seems like she can't just be a flawed human being, she has to represent All Women Everywhere? She has to be our best bud? Maybe she has to crochet ironic tea cozies and listen to Panda Bear, too? That is so unfair, and not what anyone asks of Edwards or Obama.

As for her getting rid of Socks: ok, maybe this part was written with tongue in cheek, but I have known plenty of people who have had to make other arrangements with their cats (and to a lesser extent dogs) when their lives got too busy. I think we can give her a pass on that one. At least she didn't put Socks in a bag and tie the bag to an exhaust pipe, which is how my dad got rid of my chicks, Henny and Penny, when I was 8.

I love Obama, but I love drama more, and am excited that Clinton did so well in NH.

How fast should music be played?

One band that plays music at just the right tempo is Lazy Lions, who created a very pleasing power-pop ruckus last night at Crash Mansion. "Magellan in Reverse" (streaming at their MySpace page) is a classic--it ends up lodged in my head for days after a L-Lions show...

Rob, Jim at Batman villain angle

Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions rhythm section

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