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2008-02-11 - 2:27 p.m.

So: In Bruges! If you've read or seen any of Martin McDonagh's plays, you know the kind of humor he employs--dark, gruesome, and then weirdly light-hearted and goofy. That's all here, along with some vibrant, sympathetic performances by Colin Farrell (who I keep forgetting is a pretty good actor), Brendon Gleeson, and Ralph Fiennes (playing evil.)

In order to enjoy the film, you need to let go of any resistance to the po-mo trope of soulful, philosophical hitmen. If you can swing that, it's a lovely ride. The writing is really snappy and the visuals are dreamlike, grotesque, beautiful.

I am having a Last Fm re-awakening. What a nice resource.

When I hear the word "cinematographer" aloud, it always sounds like it's got one too many syllables.

And then there's elephants in Tennessee.

And that is my hurried but heartfelt entry on this blustery cold but mockingly sunny Monday afternoon.

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