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2008-03-19 - 6:53 a.m.

I know you've seen SleeveFace, but have you kept up with it?

I usually avoid political stuff and celebrity gossip here, but this new confessing to affairs trend is noteworthy.

This is gonna be like the post-9/11 It's OK For Newscasters To Cry On TV bandwagon, isn't it?

Nice speech, Mr. Obama!

I am learning more than I ever knew about peat and ice-fishing by reading Halldor Laxness's Brekkukotsannáll (The Fish Can Sing), a rambling and amiable fable about an Icelandic orphan and an opera singer (who never sings). I also discovered within the first few pages that in Icelandic kinship nomenclature, orphans are given the last name "Hansson," which literally means "his son."

It's a cool book, a bit more light-hearted than his most famous one, Independent People.

Apologies to folks on my mailing list who have been reminded already, but Ross, Andy, Tom and I will be playing an early (and kind of quiet, but still with the rocking) set this evening at Banjo Jim's, an intimate little club on Ave C.

The lineup:

7:30 Paula Carino and the Count Vronskys

8:30 James Peter Lee (acoustic roots music)

9:45 Lenny Kaye (on oud and guitar)

11:00 pm Adam Levy

12:30 am Bobby Previte Trio (eccentric experimental jazz/rock)

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