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2008-05-28 - 11:03 p.m.

  • Antietam and Ladybug Transistor are playing at the BPL on Saturday!

  • It's Pakistan's first gore film. At last!

  • "...If almost every species on Earth was killed some 250 million years ago, how did our ancient ancestors survive and evolve into us?..."

  • Do you have a hard time distinguishing between Niels Bohr , Max Born, and Max Planck? So do I, but as it turns out they are all the same person! *

  • * Correction: they are not.

  • Interesting folk music human interest item: after Peggy Seeger's husband Ewan MacColl died, she took up with a woman. Also, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," a.k.a. one of the prettiest ballads ever (at least Roberta Flack's version) was written by Ewan about Peggy.

  • I am reading a great book about Richard Nixon

  • Several people have emailed me about the monkey robot news. My primate newsgroup has been all over that story for awhile now, don'tcha know, and it is pretty cool. Check out the video on that page!

  • And speaking of the Times, it seems like they run an article aprox once a year about the health aspects or therapeutic application of yoga and/or meditation, and it always reads exactly the same ("it's being used a lot, but the jury's still out..."), with the same dorky and incomplete list of meditation techniques. Don't they check these things against some database of older articles?

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