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2008-08-21 - 11:58 a.m.

Reverse graffiti!

Something interesting happens when I visit New Jersey...


...the ticket collector on the train often forgets to collect mine...


...and half the time, when I proffer it, he or she will say..."Eh, keep it for next time."

This doesn't happen to me anywhere else.


...("Delawanna"? Iíve ridden this train 10,000 times--has that station always been there?)

PATH train

And last night, when I went to buy a magazine for my return trip, I was fishing around in my bag for the 75 cents to round out the "$3.75" and the news agent said, "Eh, that's ok, just give me $3.00."

PATH Station

"New Jersey: Your Money's No Good Here!"

Thank you, Garden State!

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