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2008-08-22 - 11:25 a.m.

I'm a bit fried today, and the post that I keep trying to write has gotten "accidentally" deleted twice, which I think is God/Ween/Satan's way of telling me to just make a bullet list and wish everyone a happy weekend.

  • This book was apparently a big influence on Coltrane and Miles Davis

  • Meanwhile, The World in Six Songs would have been a great magazine article, or a short series of heavily linked blog entries, but I have no patience for it as a book. I'll sum: "there are six kinds of songs, and music is important to humans."

  • The Easybeats and AC/DC have something in common, do you know w/o Googling?

  • Apparently, the mysterious Bay Ridge hum has gone away.

    RIP Pervis Jackson...(an actual live--not lip-synched--performance of a great song...Check out the rubber bands...)

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