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2008-12-29 - 6:08 p.m.

Is the first line of this want ad an unintentional joke, or is this a medical journal with a sense of humor?

Jews rock! (Well, mebbe a leetle.)

Some glimpses of the mind-boggling Christmas lights display in nearby Dyker Heights...

Merry Christmas House

I've seen the hood all decked out a couple times already--it doesn't change much from year to year, but my 11-yr-old nephew (an enthusiastic and creative designer of light displays himself) had never seen such a thing, and it was really gratifying and fun to see him go ape-wire at the dizzying excess....



My favorite tableau featured a monstrous polar bear and several creepy, furry babies that I like to call "The Henry Darger Christmas Spectacular"...

Inhabitants of Creeptown

Have a Henry Darger Christmas!

Creepy baby closeup

If you've never seen 'em, go see 'em before they're dismantled at the end of the season!

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