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2009-06-08 - 10:13 a.m.

"...The phrase 'women in jazz' is nowhere to be found in Bloom Festival promotional materials, but itís certainly no accident that each of its headliners is female...."

Gee, typically stupid NY Times writer, maybe the phrase "women in jazz" isn't in the promo materials because these women are sick of being identified as "female musicians."

Perhaps they enjoy just playing music, losing themselves in the pleasure and oneness of creation. Or, maybe on the other end of the spectrum, they'd like to be acknowledged for their individual talents and accomplishments.

Maybe in 2009, having the headline "Female Drummer [note: which female drummer? Does she have name?] Kicks Off Festival With Post-Bop and Shades of Ornette Coleman..." seems like a shameful throwback to a headline you might have run in 1953...or 1853.

Anyway, I am relieved that I find these things annoying lately rather than angering. And not even annoying so much as embarrassing, a feeling akin to having a grandparent use the expression "colored people" in public.

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