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2005-10-25 - 10:33 a.m.

I finally saw Ray last night. The story is inherently absorbing and inspiring, Jamie Foxx does a great job, but man, could they pack any more entertainment-bio cliches into one film? As soon as the actress who plays Mary Ann Fisher starts hoochy-mama dancin' onstage, I knew I was gonna be in for a rough night.

Still, it reminded me of how many great songs the man wrote...and coincidentally, the guy who plays ABC-Paramount's Sam Clark is married to Jessica Hendra whose book I just read.

Sinead's new reggae album is beautiful: no one does ethereal/earthy like she does.

Rogue Wave's new full-length makes good on the promise of this summer's E.P. It's a little more intense and forbidding than their earlier work, but not without the tunefulness that made me like 'em instantly oh so long (last year) ago.

Am really puzzled as to why Gang of Four felt it necessary to re-record all their classic songs...this might have been an interesting idea for a bonus CD, but not for the main event.

Songs from their faux-disco era (e.g. "We Live as We Dream Alone") grow a little in their more rockin' incarnations, but "Anthrax" and "Damaged Goods"? Not so much. This is for completists only.

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