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2006-02-03 - 11:33 a.m.

And then there's Arab Strap, whose new album is lovelorn and defiant and quite gritty.

The centerpiece for me is a 7-minute epic called "There is No Ending," which features martial drumming and a vaguely Gaelic feeling, like something they'd play over the closing credits of a bio-pic of some Scottish folk hero.

But if mourning and grief is more your thing, you could do a lot worse than Rosanne Cash's latest, Black Cadillac.

There's a surprising lack of ballads here, and lots of neat stuff like the snaky title track, and "Radio Operator," a dark little country-shuffle.

And furthermore, because who couldn’t use a little more Toto in their life:

You supply the night,
baby, I'll supply the love
You supply the night,
baby, I'll supply the love

I see a horseman in the sky,
it makes me turn and wonder why
I hear the same old fourteen reasons,
must be the changin' of the seasons


I met the girl across the sea,
she saved my life and came with me
A tender night of dark persuasion,
could be my first and last occasion


(Instrumental break)

Chorus repeats 2x:

Baby, I'll supply the love,
baby, I'll supply the,
I'll supply the love

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