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2006-09-17 - 11:16 a.m.

Lookee, it's one of my songs done up as a cell-phone video.

Thanks to everyone who came to Freddy's last night, it was a blast.

For those not in attendance, can you guess who the most covered "psychedelic" artist was last night?

Uh-yup, Syd.

In fact, there were not one but two versions of "Dark Globe," a smashing "Lucifer Sam" (geeks, confirm: Syd wrote?) and an exuberant rendition of "See Emily Play" by the Larchies that made me remember how astounding that first Floyd album is.

Richard Buckner's new album is way swell--he's still got that intense country boy thing going on, but the production here is a little springier, lighter.

And mining the same lonesome-highway-just-killed-a-farm-family-and-took-their-life-savings vein, the latest Magnolia Electric Company album is chills-inducing.

And if you can't get enough of these emotional boys, I just noticed that Emusic has Freedy's first album, which is a big favorite of mine, and which I've only ever owned as a crappy 2nd-generation cassette.

Although he isn't at the very height of his songwriting powers on this 1990 release (opting for lyrical sparseness when just a couple more words would've helped), the glimmerings were there: "Tucamcari" and "Gina" are brilliant.

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