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2007-03-04 - 6:46 p.m.

Did you know that Front 242 were Belgian? I didn't think anyone was Belgian.

However, in an important step forward in international relations, we have Edith Prock, ambassador of Bavarian Music.

I know what you're thinking--you will never trust another surfing musician since a) finding out that Brian Wilson was actually afraid of the ocean and was never on a board in his teenage life and b) that Jack Johnson guy creeped everyone out with his mellow vibes and icky music.

Well, Australian surfer dude Xavier Rudd is here to reclaim the dignity of surfers with his stately album of eerie tunes that recall a slightly crunchier Richard Thompson. He has a dark bent--which is probably how he wound up on Anti--and an interesting guitar style that combines fast picking with atmospheric twangs and slides. I like it.

I have been a member of Last FM for a while, but only today did I get around to trying the "radio" feature.

It's pretty cool. I have more success with the radio station built by typing in one "favorite" artist, Pandora-style, rather than letting it guess based on my Scrobblin', which has the Last FM elves thinking that I like rap music more than I do...

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