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2007-06-14 - 8:02 a.m.

I saw Future Clouds and Radar at Pianos last night and was thunderstruck by their performance. Hours later I still feel all fizzy.

The last time I saw Robert Harrison play, he was a skinny-tied, short-haired power popster who politely said, "Thank you ver' much" between every song. Now he's sporting a kind of Charles Manson cum Black Crowes look, and his music has billowed out in 12 directions. His new band features two keyboard players, one of whom also plays vibes, trumpet (cornet?), and other assorted instruments, and the songs are just sparkling, wiggly gems, grounded by Harrison's solid guitar-playing and gorgeous tenor.

And just when I thought I couldn't fall harder, he whips out Blackie! Well, not my Blackie, but a cute Danelectro version.

Anyway, for folks who have the album, the band particularly rocked on "Our Time," "Birds of Prey," "Wake Up and Live," and the amazing "Drugstore Bust." The last song in the set was an extended--dare I say--"jam" of "You Will Be Loved," which left the audience feeling like yeah maybe that's true. We will be. We are. This is love.

This, too, is love.

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