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2008-02-16 - 1:06 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like to have real reggae artists cover songs by the Police?

Well, wonder no more--this awesome compilation (some downloads here, not sure how legal) gathers some big names from the reggae/dancehall, pop, and soul realms, for full-blown reggae productions that do what covers should do--reveal new facets of songs you've heard a million times.

Horace Andy's take on "Invisible Sun" is both more somber and, on the choruses, more uplifting than the rather flat-line treatment it gets on the original, and Cyril Neville's reading of "Wrapped Around Your Finger" is shiver-inducing.

If nothing else, it drives home the point that those Police boys could really write a lovely melody.

In googling "police" I found this compelling Hawaii Five-O fan site.

Every three years or so, I have to look up "puce" to confirm that it means a reddish-purplish color, and not a greenish-yellowish one...and in doing so, I found this funny graphic created by this fellow.

He hasn't posted in a while, but I like this bfob of the Buddhist journalist.

Working in Soho is great--just in terms of architecture, mood, frequency of cobblestones, and proximity to the water, it is one of my favorite neighborhoods.

Shopping in the 'hood is another matter. If you happen to need a bandaid or ibuprofen, you pretty much have to commute, and the shops...well let's just say that even when the shops have "Drastically reduced--70% off!" sales, you're still talking triple digits.

So it's nice that the relatively affordable Hamlet's Outlet vintage clothing store has opened at West Broadway below Spring [no website! wha--?].

A Salvation Army loyalist, I think vintage clothing stores are generally a rip-off, but Hamlet has some bargains, like nice wool scarves for $5 and a whole rack of cashmere sweaters for $10 each.

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